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Colesville Sports Association's Corporate Sponsorship Program:

The Board of Directors and other volunteer parents are already preparing for a broader, better equipped, and better-publicized program for our youth.

Contributions are now being sought for funding the Fall Season.

Our programs require a considerable investment in the safest, most modern equipment available. The Association must also pay for the use of athletic fields, league fees, equipment storage, liability insurance, referees, and emergency medical technicians expenses just to name a few. As school budgets have been reduced, organizations such as the Colesville Sports Association have become key providers of physical education and supplementary academic services for today's active elementary and middle school youths.

The following sponsorship plans are being offered to directly benefit the youth of our community:

Sponsorship Plans:

Plan A: $250 Sponsors receive trophy\plaque suitable for home or office display

Plan B: $500 Sponsors receive the Plan A trophy\plaque and an entry in the CSA Internet web page complete with a suitable logo

Plan C: $1000 Sponsors receive the Plan B package and a placement of a corporate banner at home games

Plan D: $5000 Sponsors receive the Plan C package and company logo on the Game Jersey sleeve

Contributions are of course, tax deductible. The Colesville Sports Association is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

For more information please e-mail: